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new medical centre located in Pondicherry is a multi speciality medical centre committed to deliver a comprehensive diagnosis and high quality health care.

As a part of new medical centre’s mission, we are committed in providing reliable health information and tools that empower you to manage your health.


new medical centre is committed to achieve excellence in medical care by setting high standards, continually improving them and thereby satisfying our customer by providing world class service through integrated employee participation.


• Provide access to efficient and affordable healthcare
• Provide medical care supported by evidence, research and education
• Provide and apply the latest technology in the industry
• Attract and collaborate with the best medical and clinical staff.
• Ensure that new medical centre’s core values underlies every decision

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  •    Founded in 1995
  •    Multi Speciality Hospital
  •    ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  •    Company Overview

    1. New Medical Centre conducted a
    free medical camp on 11/05/2014 in
    connection with World Asthma
    Day and Founders Day of New
    Medical Centre.
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    2. Founders day was celebrated on 11.5.2014 and our Director, Dr. M.V. Thayumana Sundaram issued health cards to all the staff members.

     3. PACE 2013 

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