Chest Medicine

Chest Medicine
Chest Medicine

Lifestyle choices, climate change and increasing levels of atmospheric pollution are among the major causes for the increase in pulmonary problems. This has made chest medicine a key component in wellbeing. Coughs and colds are common illnesses that most people face at various times in their life. However, if the condition does not respond to normal over the counter medication, or occurs frequently or if the conditions cause serious discomfort, there could be other causes beyond that of a simple infection.

In such cases, a detailedexamination and consequent diagnosis is the only way to ascertain the cause of the condition and begin treatment. If the condition is a serious one, the earlier the required treatment begins, the greater the chances of recovery and the sooner it will happen. NMC’s specialists in chest medicine and the cutting edge equipment and procedures that are available,offerspatients the highest level of diagnostic evaluation, treatments and care.

Among the services and procedures we offer are:

  •   Diagnostic Tapping
  •   Therapeutic Tapping
  •   Bronchoscopy
  •   Intra costeal Tube Drainage (ICDT)
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