Bone and joint problems are becoming increasingly common in all strata of the society. Among younger people, the reasons for this include sedentary habits, over or incorrect exercise to compensate for these habits, and other lifestyle issues. The increase in longevity means that the natural degeneration of bone and muscle with age is becoming more acute and widespread. Injury, among both the young and old, is another reason for orthopedic problems. Minor aches and pain are common at all ages. If pain doesn’t subside in a short while, or if it increases or causes mobility issues, then it may be a sign of a more serious orthopedic condition. An examination and diagnosis by an orthopedic specialist to determine the cause of the problem should be done without delay. Typically, the earlier a problem is detected and treated, the greater the chances for a successful recovery. The advances in orthopedic care available at NMC, coupled with the highly qualified medical staff mean that treatment that will enable recovery from even serious problems in advanced stages is now possible.

Among the orthopedic services we offer are:

  •   Trauma Care
  •   Geriatric Patient care of Joints and Osteoporosis
  •   Spine Management
  •   Arthritis Care
  •   Spinal Rehabilitation
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