Best Oncologists in Pondicherry

Best Oncologists in Pondicherry
Best oncologists in Pondicherry

Cancer is among the most dreaded of all medical disorders. However, advances in medicine and treatment techniques in recent years mean that the various types of cancer are now treatable and those with the disease can recover and lead normal lives. Oncology is the field of medicine that deals with and treats the various types of cancer. Hippocrates, the Greek physician who is the father of modern medicine coined the term cancer to describe tumours in the body and the term 'oncos' is ancient Greek for swelling. Oncology is thus the diagnosis, treatment and researching of cancer. The specialty is divided into two parts.

Medical oncology relates to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer using the various modern diagnostic techniques and treatment options available including immunotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation, surgery and others. Because cancer treatment often involves other medical specializations, medical oncology requires coordination with other doctors who may be involved in the patient’s care.

Surgical oncology involves a range of surgery-based cancer treatment options including performing biopsies, tumours removal and related surgical procedures. Surgical oncology is a highly specialized surgical field requiring highly focused and specially trained surgeons.

At NMC we understand the trauma - physical, mental and emotional - that cancer patients and their loved ones go through and every effort is made to care for all of them. Our patients are examined, diagnosed and treated by leading doctors and surgeons in the field of oncology. Our objective is to ensure that patients receive the best possible care, whether it is medical or surgical; our world-class medical resources are focused on curing the patient so that he or she may return to a life of well-being.

Among the services we offer are:

  •   Chemotherapy
  •   Radiation therapy
  •   Immunotherapy
  •   Hormone therapy
  •   Targeted drug therapy
  •   Bone marrow transplant
  •   Surgical tumor removal and other procedures

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