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The heart and lungs are the critical organs that are contained in the chest. Any disorder of either can have serious, even fatal, consequences. Medical conditions of the heart are dealt with by the cardiology department at NMC. Diseases of the respiratory system are diagnosed and treated by the chest & pulmonology department. Various factors can lead to chest problems including lifestyle choices, illness and disease, injury, smoking, exposure to toxic substances and so on. Lung diseases are a major cause of premature fatalities across the world. Because coughs, colds and lung congestion are such common occurrences, they are often ignored or not given the serious care they may demand. While many minor pulmonary problems may be treated with over-the-counter medications, others could be serious and if undiagnosed and untreated could result in life-threatening conditions. Here too, the early diagnosis, evaluation by expert pulmonologists and the use of the latest and best medical equipment and procedures available at NMC provide patients with the best chances of a quick and early recovery. The common chest/pulmonary disorders include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, lung cancer, benign and malignant pleural diseases, obstructive sleep apnea, tuberculosis, interstitial lung disease (lung fibrosis), sarcoidosis, pneumoconiosis/occupational lung diseases, unexplained cough and unexplained breathlessness.

At the chest & pulmonology department at NMC, patients will find the best medical specialists, treatment options and care – the 3 factors that combine to produce the best recovery prognosis. The earlier a respiratory disorder is diagnosed, the sooner the treatment can start. The earlier the treatment, the faster and more effective it is.

Among the services and procedures that we offer are:

  •   Diagnostic Tapping
  •   Therapeutic Tapping
  •   Bronchoscopy
  •   Intra costeal Tube Drainage (ICDT)
  •   Other cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment procedures and processes

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