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It is a common misunderstanding that cosmetic medicine, or cosmetology, is a branch of medicine that deals only with improving the appearance of the patient. While that is the first objective, the changes that are achieved also have the effect of improving the patient’s feeling of wellbeing and confidence in dealing with social, professional and relationship matters. To put it another way, people now are not looking only at good health, but at the ability to enjoy life to the fullest, including not having any concerns about their appearance. Cosmetology bridges the gap between health and appearance/beauty. Beauty Is not just skin deep. People need to feel good about their appearance, especially in a world where so much emphasis is placed on physical appearance. There is no reason for people to be embarrassed about seeking cosmetology treatment – the better people feel about themselves, the stronger their mental, spiritual and physical sense of wellbeing and the better the quality of their lives. Looking good is feeling good.

Another concern that people often have is that cosmetology involves surgical procedures, the use of anaesthesia, hospital stays and extended recovery periods. While some procedures may require surgery, as a general rule the use of surgical procedures are being replaced by non-invasive options – the needle is rapidly replacing the scalpel.

As a general rule, the bond between patient and doctor is very strong in cosmetic medicine. That is because patients are typically in good physical health and so cosmetology is an elective procedure where the stress of worry about health does not weigh on the patient so that an open and clear form of communication and trust develops.

The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, the leading professional organization in the field of cosmetology, lists the following common aesthetic procedures as being typical cosmetic procedures being undertaken across the world today:

  •   Injections of Neurotoxins and Dermal Fillers
  •   Chemical Peels
  •   Cosmetic Dermatology treatments
  •   Microdermabrasion
  •   Body Contouring and Treatment of Cellulite
  •   Nutrition
  •   Hair Transplant
  •   Hair Reduction
  •   Fat Grafting/Platelet Rich Plasma
  •   Laser and IPL
  •   Scar Management
  •   Venous Treatment
  •   Cosmetic Gynecology

  • At NMC our specialized Department of Cosmetology has highly qualified and experienced doctors and state-of-the-art equipment and treatment facilities to offer patients the very best of treatments and procedures. We treat cosmetology as a specialized field of medicine and give it the same level of importance and value that is given to other medical specializations.

    When people come to NMC for cosmetology procedures, they know that they are in the best possible hands and will receive the best treatment, in safety and confidence.

    Among the treatments and procedures we offer are:

    •   Chemical Peels
    •   Wart Removal
    •   Lasers
    •   PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
    •   Botox Fillers
    •   Dermabrasion

    Chemical Peel

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    Wart Removal

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    PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

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