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Best Dermatologist in Pondicherry

Skin conditions are often treated as purely cosmetic issues and the possible seriousness is often underplayed. A clear and blemish-free skin is important to the individual, both in terms of social interaction as well as professional functioning. Skin conditions may also cause psychological problems, making a person feel insecure about his or her appearance and thereby affect the quality of life. This is equally true of both young people as well as those of more advanced age.

Blemishes, rashes, discoloration etc. may be only localized problems that can be treated with simple medication. However, they could also be the symptoms of more serious problems that could affect the overall health of the patient and may have life-threatening implications. NMC’s dermatology department is equipped to conduct examinations that may be required to determine the nature of a problem and then provide a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan.

We offer, among other specializations:

  •   Consultation of various ailments.
  •   Diathermy
  •   Cauterization

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