Emergency Medicine in Pondicherry

Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine in Pondicherry

The one certainty of life is that the unexpected can happen at any time. A person may be fit and active one moment and in need of life-saving medical treatment the next. The cause could be an accident-related injury or it may be the sudden development of a medical condition. Even with the best of preventive health care, a sudden critical illness can strike even the seemingly healthy. It is at times like these that emergency medical care is essential. The mission of an emergency medicine department is to evaluate, manage and stabilize a severe medical condition so that specialized care and treatment can be provided. When a medical emergency strikes, the patient may not be able to act on his or her own to obtain the required care. Family and friends who are present when the situation arises often take time to locate the best place to transport the patient for the required care. These delays may, and usually do, have a negative impact on the already fragile health of the patient. At NMC, we have a fully equipped emergency medicine department with state-of-the-art equipment and doctors who are specialists in treating patients who need emergency care. A medical emergency can be of any type and of any cause. When it arises, there is often little background information available and little time for a detailed diagnosis to be done. At NMC, the emergency medicine department is prepared for this and has the tools and skills to provide the best care and stabilize the patient for the specialized care and treatment that will be required for a recovery to be achieved.

The emergency services available include:

  • Triage
  • Resuscitation area
  • Major trauma/Medical areas
  • Major operating room
  • Minor procedure rooms
  • Consultation rooms
  • Patient waiting area
  • Observation units
  • Injection room
  • 24-hour pharmacy

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