ENT Hospital in Pondicherry

ENT Hospital in Pondicherry

Medical conditions of the ears, nose and throat are often passing problems that will fade away over time or that will respond to over the counter medicines. While this may be true in some cases, taking ENT problems for granted can be dangerous. Not only could the condition evolve into something serious, it could also be a symptom of another condition that requires specialized care. Any problem of the ear, nose or throat that continues for any length of time, does not respond to medication or which keeps recurring is a cause for concern. It should be checked by an ENT specialist with access to both the latest technology and equipment. Once the problem has been diagnosed, treatment can begin. Depending on the nature and severity of the condition, the specialist may advise treatment by medication or surgery. NMC has a fully equipped ENT department staffed with highly skilled specialists and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best possible treatment for a wide range of ENT problems so as to ensure the best and most rapid recovery.

Among the specialized services we offer are:


  •   Diagnostic nasal endoscopy
  •   Video laryngoscopy
  •   Otoendoscopy
  •   Ear Lobe Repair

2. Day Care Procedures

  •   Swelling in head and neck rigor
  •   Myringotomy
  •   Adenoidectomy

3. Major Surgeries

  •   Adenotonsillectomy
  •   Septoplasty
  •   FESS
  •   Micro Ear surgery
  •   Micro Laryngeal Surgery
  •   Thyroid Surgery
  •   Parotid Surgery

4. Audiometry Test

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