Gastroenterologist in Pondicherry

Gastroenterological problems can arise from a wide range of causes. Among the most common are infections, complications from other medical conditions and improper nutrition. Upset stomachs, acidity, diarrhoea and so on are minor problems that most people face from time to time. However, if the condition persists or worsens, getting the right medical help without delay is essential. What appears on the surface to be a case of indigestion or another common malady could be the symptom of a more serious disorder. The condition could be caused by a serious infection; the effects of another medical condition, or be stress related as in the case of stomach ulcers or genetic. Early detection of the problem, its causes and beginning the required treatment without delay will allow the condition to be controlled and recovery to commence. Gastroenterological problems can be very varied in nature and affect a number of organs. While some conditions may respond to medications, others may require surgical procedures to be done. NMC’s highly skilled and experienced doctors and modern medical facilities provide patients with the highest standards of care and treatment.

Among the medical services we offer are:

1. Upper endoscopy

  •   Diagnostic Upper GI Endoscopy
  •   Endoscopic variceal ligation (Banding)
  •   Endoscopic sclerotherapy
  •   Endoscopic dilation of strictures
  •   Esophageal stent placement
  •   Hemoclip application for ulcer bleed
  •   Polypectomy
  •   PEG tube Injection
  •   Pyloric stentn
  •   Endoscopic mucous resection

2. Colonoscopy

  •  Polypectomy
  •   Endoscopic mucosal resection


  •   Diagnostic
  •   Biliary stenting
  •   Stent Removal
  •   Pancreatic stenting

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