General Surgery

General Surgery
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Despite its name, general surgery is a very specialized field of medicine. General surgeons not only perform surgical procedures for a wide range of medical conditions, they are involved in patient care before and after surgery as well. General surgeons typically operate to cure all kinds of abdominal problems, but the procedures may also extend to other parts of the body as well.

Because of the large number of organs located in the abdomen, a general surgeon is skilled in dealing with a wide variety of surgical procedures. While some of the problems may be common ones such as hernias, other may require complex surgery. The general surgery department at NMC is staffed by highly skilled surgeons with the expertise and experience to deal with all types of surgeries. The use of the latest surgical techniques, coupled with the best of both pre and post-operative care means that patients who come to NMC can be assured of the highest standards of treatment and care.

The general surgery proceduresperformed include:

  •   Circumcision
  •   Breast Lump
  •   Breast Abscess
  •   Perianal Abscess
  •   Piles / Hydrocele
  •   Fissure
  •   Inguinal Hernia
  •   Incisional Hernia
  •   Local Cases
  •   Appendix
  •   Umbilical Hernia
  •   Colistectomy
  •   Fistulutomy
  •   Excision Of Lump & Meshplasty
  •   Lipoma (Local)
  •   Breast Abscess B/L

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