Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Managing Pregnancy associated with Obstetrics complications

Heart Diseases

Heart disease is an ailment that must be taken seriously. While most cardiac diseases in pregnancy are either congenital or from acquired rheumatic heart disease, lifestyles may also be a contributory cause. Cardiac ailments can be a major complication during pregnancy, but there are now medical procedures available to control the problem and mitigate the risk to both mother and child.

If a pregnant woman is suffering from cardiac conditions, the worry about the effect this could have on her health and that of her child only adds to the risks. At NMC we have the most highly qualified and experienced specialists and modern medical equipment so we are able to accurately diagnose the existence of a cardiac condition, the severity, and the impact it will have on the mother and child. We then develop a care and treatment plan that will minimize the risk to mother and child during pregnancy but will also be as effective as possible in minimizing any post-delivery complications for the mother or infant.


Hypertension is a very common problem for young women today. It can cause several serious issues for both mother and child. For the mother, the risk of preeclampsia, eclampsia and strokes are serious concerns. For the foetus, the mother’s high blood pressure makes it difficult to absorb the oxygen and nutrients for proper growth and development, increasing the risk of premature birth and/or low birth weight.

If you have high blood pressure, that does not mean that you should not get pregnant. Modern medicine and the diagnostic and care facilities now available mean that while hypertension is a serious matter, it is one that can be controlled and the safe delivery of a healthy child is very possible. We work with women who have hypertension to provide both mother and child the greatest comfort and safety.


Epilepsy during pregnancy is a cause for concern. It raises the risk of various complications.

A woman who has epilepsy will be on medication to keep the condition under control. However, many of these medications may have side effects that place both mother and child in danger. If you have epilepsy and are pregnant, at NMC you will be under the care of a multi-disciplinary team of highly qualified and experienced specialists who will use cutting edge medicine to keep you and your baby safe and minimize any risk to either of you. We will keep the risk of seizures during pregnancy to a minimum and if one should occur, we will work towards keeping both you and your baby safe and healthy.

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