Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Pain Free Labour and Childbirth

Childbirth can be a painful experience. For many mothers to be, especially those expecting their first child, the fear of pain is often worse than the pain itself. At NMC we understand the pressure this puts on the mothers which is why we work with them to provide them with the pain free labour options that will be right for them. There is a widespread belief that any medical steps to reduce the pain and increase the mother’s comfort levels (such as an epidural) is unnecessary and affects the natural process of childbirth. This is not correct. The pain and stress associated with it can often have a negative impact on the mother.

There are various pain management options available to expectant mothers and our team of medical specialists will work with you to determine which ones are best for you. Childbirth is the most personal of experiences and your pain free labour method will be chosen to keep your health and that of your baby as the top priority. Contact us to have an enjoyable and healthy pregnancy and a pain free labour.

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