Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Incontinence Laparoscopic procedures

Urinary incontinence is a condition when physical activity can result in the leakage of urine. Although both men and women may suffer from this condition, it is more common among women. If lifestyle changes and medication have not resulted in the condition being cured or at least significantly improving, then surgery for repair of the weak tissue or added support with mesh repair can be considered . The surgeon will decide on what surgical procedure is right for a patient. Laparoscopic and transvaginal surgery are popular options because it produces less scarring and pain and has a shorter recovery time as compared to traditional surgery.

Prolapse Surgery

Prolapse is a term used to describe a medical condition where the muscles that hold internal organs in place become weak, allowing the organs to slip out of their normal position. For women, the most common types of prolapse are uterine and vaginal prolapse. The symptoms of prolapse may vary greatly depending on the type of prolapse and the extent of the problem. The causes of a prolapse also vary depending on where it has occurred. A prolapse can be very painful and because it affects the functioning of vital internal organs like the uterus and vagina, the condition must not be ignored. Because of the different prolapse conditions that may occur and the wide range of symptoms, accurate diagnosis of the condition, followed by the most effective treatment and surgical options, are essential and the earlier a condition is diagnosed, the better in terms of faster recovery from the surgery. A vaginal approach is the preferred option in most cases, but the surgeon will decide what is best for each patient.

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