Best Physiotherapist in Pondicherry

Physiotherapy is a critical factor in the recovery from many types of injury and sickness, as well as in the prevention of some medical conditions or age related problems, from worsening. Physiotherapy is not just massage or stretching, although these may form part of the treatment. It also plays an important role in helping those with disabilities in leading a more comfortable life with less pain and suffering, often with increased physical functionality. Physiotherapy is a very specialized science that looks at the body as a whole so as to promote improved health and wellbeing. A physiotherapist is a highly trained and skilled individual who is able to understand the nature of the problem the patient is facing and devise the treatment regimen that will be most effective in dealing with it. Part of the treatment is to educate the patient about the causes and nature of the problem and provide the information about ongoing exercises etc. that will allow the patient to continue to be functional after the initial physiotherapy has been completed. Besides the use of massage and stretching, modern physiotherapy also uses a wide range of specialized equipment to maximize the benefits of the treatment. The physiotherapy department at NMC offers world-class treatment that ensures a speedy recovery as well providing the maximum mobility to those with disabilities or age-related limitations of movement.

The treatments available at NMC include:

  •   Traction (I CT/IPT)
  •   Interferential Therapy (IFT)
  •   Ultra Sound Therapy (US)
  •   Electrical Stimulation
  •   Wax Bath Therapy
  •   Exercise Therapy
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