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Psychiatric problems were, in the past, considered as something to be ashamed of and be concealed from the world. They are, in reality, a medical condition like any other. The difference is that while they may or may not have physical ramifications, these conditions may affect a person’s ability to function and interact with others. They may also affect the ability to care for oneself, accept family, social and professional responsibilities and lead to dangerous suicidal thoughts. The publicity given to psychiatric problems by celebrities and others who have suffered and recovered from them, have put the spotlight on the seriousness of the issues and the need for proper treatment.

Many people undergo a short period of worry or depression which they get over soon. However, any condition that lasts for a length of time or affects a person’s ability to function as a balanced individual requires psychiatric treatment. Some people are able to see these symptoms in themselves and so get the help they need. In other cases, the patient is unable to appreciate his or her condition and it is up to the family members and others who are close to the individual to ensure that the required treatment is received. The specialists in NMC’s psychiatric department know that these problems can take many forms and are experienced in dealing with them. Patients are carefully evaluated to ascertain the exact nature of the condition and the course of treatment that will be most effective in ensuring a rapid and lasting recovery that will enable a normal life to be lived again.

Among the services offered are:

  •   Psychotherapy
  •   Counseling

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