"It was a divine blessings for our family to have admitted my mom to New Medical Centre. From the first call to the Customer Care personnel (Shri Abhinaya) to the nurses/attenders of the 2nd floor, everyone took care of my mom with a big heart and prompt service. A special thanks to Dr. Arjun, Dr Giridhar & Dr A. K Das for their advice and regular follow-up. A special thanks to New Medical Centre!!"
- Nagapraveen Jayaprakash

"Had the best experience of delivering my first child under the expertise of Dr. Vijayakumari Mam in 2014. Now after 8 years I am second time pregnant and wanted some details about my first delivery. Abhinaya, the patient executive, has been very kind and helpful, in connecting with Dr. Mam and retrieve the details for me. Great professionalism and kindness."
- Anu John

"One of the best private hospitals ....doctors and 2nd floor staffs are very kindly and treated well ....cleaning maintenance is neat and good...nurses are friendly treated and support very well ....thank u for the treatment"
- Ganga Kamatchi

"Hospitality of the NMC was really good ... Doctors and nurses were taking good care ... Premises were also neat clean... 2nd floor staff's were taking good care of my father and kind heart and well responding ... It was a good experience :)"
- Gothams Gothic

"We went to NMC hospital. Got admitted there. There nice treatment we got. Especially staff nurses are good in there work. Nice communication with us. My mother cover nice in short period. Am so happy in their treatment. Really thanks to staff nurses Mercy, Vinodhini and Priya."
- George Raj

Common Urogynaecology Surgical Procedures

"Members of Grinde family would like to thank the Management, all the Doctors, Nurses, and all other support staff of New Medical Centre for the exceptional support, and care you have given to "Grinde Thatha" since 2017. Thank you once again, and regards."

- M/s Grinde R Sridharan
Grinde Super Store, Pondicherry

"My hearty thanks to the team for been so good and giving great care to the patients.. I had a good experience during my stay in NMC where the doctors and nurses give great support to the patient..the surroundings are also kept so clean and the staffs work round the clock..the handlings process are so humble...I thank Dr. Arjun for handling a great team."
- Manju S

"My mom was admitted in NMC and she was given extreem care..during her hospitalization....I was so satisfied with the service and my big thanks to Dr. Arjun...the service persons were so good and genuine...thanks for your service ...my best wishes....adding to it, my special thanks to Abhi from HR team for all the support extended post discharge also since we required some follow up treatment post discharge, great thanks to Arjun sir for the care and treatment provided all-time."
- Uma Maheswari J

"First of all thanks to DR.PRAVEEN, who took care of me so much and no words to express my gratitude and 3rd floor nurse they are angel of mercy. They are really too good in taking care and no words to praise them. Really polite and excellent service and very patience with the patients. Thanks a lot for the team. Once again My heartfelt thanks to Dr.PRAVEEN. Thanks a lot sir."
- White Pearl Residency

"I admitted my father who was suffering from very severe Diarrhoea at NMC Pondicherry after a prominent hospital in Villupuram refused to treat him.

The staff nurses and the Doctors at NMC were simply fantastic and the care they took to treat my father was extremely good. They were very kind and polite in handling him and my father recovered in a few days.

Dr Arjun Sundaram the consultant physician is a brilliant but a very simple person.

He has the potential to serve the Medical Profession in a much bigger way in the years to come. The hospital admin headed by Mr Ramakrishnan was equally efficient and patient-centric.

Overall an extremely satisfied experience.
My best wishes to Team NMC."
- D Sothi Selvam

"My very big thanks to NMC for making my delivery safe and happy ...I had a very great experience with the staff and doctors working...Dr. Vijayakumari was such great person and good hearted person...who was throughout my time and made my happiness true... thank you so much to the team... my big wishes for their future growth...."
- Samra Mohamed

"My brother was admitted in NMC for an emergency procedure and the care and treatment given was good and satisfied...my brother was in the hospital for 4 days and the service provided by the doctors, staff nurse, and the cleaning person was also good. I was so satisfied with the service given...my hearty wishes to the team.."
- Lagie Fabiene

"I was admitted under Dr. M.V.T.Sundarm ..pt.Chenniammal ..was give good care and treated well..her treatment period was good...and the staffs were good and humble....thanks to my doctor...who took great care...."
- Bakkiya Ravi

"Thank you New medical centre for listening to my concern about rude behavior from a receptionist. Didn't expect would get a call personally from the hospital to resolve it. Would like to thank Abinaya and Karthikeyan here who are so concerned about patients. They indeed treated me well and made me feel very comfortable... Appreciate it"
- Mona A

"My best wishes to the team for great service towards care and treating. I'm so happy and satisfied with the service given by the institution."
- SST Thangam

"I had a very good experience with NMC... where I went for a opd consulting... they take care of the out patients so well...they guide them in a good proper way and they try their at most level in time management...since the patient wit for a long time....they also accomodate things in such a way that the patients r not suffered...personaly they also give importance...to the patients who need special care too...my good wishes to the team....for their hard and humble work..."
- Sangi Balu

"Hai I am a patient of Dr. Vijayakumari...and i was admitted for my delivery.. where i experienced a beyond level of treatment from the doctor and the staff...I am soo happy and thankful to each one the service person who are working in the institution.realy my big thanks to Dr.Vijayakumari... she made my delivery safe... my heary wishes to the team. Thank you."
- Selvi K

"Hai I'm Keerthi... My mom was admitted and got discharged from NMC, the care given by them was so good and I'm so happy with the service.... The doctors and staff was so caring... And they give care beyond the need... During this situation were we come in to the hospital with lots of fear... They support us with great care and service.. The cleanliness matintained was also good.... My heart thanks to all the staffs"
- Keerthi

"My very thanks to NMC for giving good ..caring treatment for the patients during this pandamic time...the staffs and doctors work round the clock... where they give 24/7 monitoring to the patients...all the service people working in the institution was so good...and treat people with humble and caring heart which is the most important thing..when a patient is admitted...they also give mental support to the patients and their family too...my great wishes to the team...my special thank to Dr. Arjun... who is being a great support to the team...thank u so much for your service."
- Parameshwari S

"My mother was admitted in NMC for stomach pain and was admitted under Dr. Karthikeyan and was treated so well and given good care...the service given by the NMC team was very good...my sincere thanks to all the doctor and staffs..thank you...so much for the service."
- Lakshmi Narayanan

"My very big thanks and salute NMC team...during this pandamic situation... I am being a police officer ..admitted in NMC for a procedure...was given great care and the doctors and staffs were so polite and kind...in handling patients and patient family to..my hearty wishes to Dr. Arjun and his team for their great service...thank you."
- Mina Rajendiran

"My wife was admitted for delivery in Nmc and I was so happy with the treatment part and the safe care given by the doctors and staffs during this pandamic situation ...my big wishes to NMC team ...my hearty thanks to the doctors and service persons for their great care...thank you."
- Sekar Adimoolam

"Had to rush my mother aged 78, on the 19th at 2.30am, called NMC, asked them to rush me an ambulance, in under 15mins, the ambulance with an attendant staff picked up my mother and got her into their ICU by 3am. ICU took charge of my mother's critical state and in 5 days time brought her under control. She was moved her special room for normalisation. All her health parameters were back to normal. Got her discharged today by 10.30am.

I and my brothers are touched by the attention, care, concern of the Duty Doctors, visiting specialist, the duty nurses who labour so hard with a smile and volumes of patience. The house keeping staff are able and supportive.

Dr. Arjun's patients care centric approach should entice the healthcare professionals to flock to NMC to make a mark for themselves. In the years to follow, I hope to see NMC a safe place for patient care at a very affordable cost. My sincere thanks to all those who served to see my mother get back home in good health."
- Ashok Thirumalai

"Excellent hospital The doctors and nurses provide round the clock care. No question is too hard for them. They're out of their way to find answers for you.

Great facilities. Very good patient care pre and post op. The level of care the nurses and doctors provide to patients are really good.

I will highly recommend New medical Centre to anyone considering quality care. Thank you!"
- Lakshmi Rajendran

"My father was hospitalized in NMC ICU 6 days ago. I cant thank enough for the provided care. Doctors are excellent, Nurses care were really good, Hospital assistants or attenders were so helpful. I would suggest this hospital to anyone, they have got a great team with wonderful hospitality."
- Balaji B

I'm totally happy with the care given by NMC STAFFS for my sister who had her delivery there.They took care of her and baby seriously. No disappointments from the time of admission to discharge. So thankful."
- Thaijah V

"As a patient I feel medical care given by the hospital is very good. Room cleanless is good.Totally i feel good."
- Jeric Rajan

"Such good care was given to my mother who underwent a surgery. A hospital with a warm heart."
- B.S

"Words cannot describe our gratitude to your brilliant doctors in aiding in my mother’s recovery. When we came there, she was in pain and we had no idea what was wrong and who to turn to. Your swift diagnosis and treatment of appendicitis saved her. I would also like to add that your kind and caring nurses looked after her very well. Thank you so much."
- P.S

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