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Childhood is a time for minor injuries and sicknesses that are a normal part of growing up. However, it is also a time when major illnesses can strike. Many of these can result in lifelong medical complications. A sick child is always a cause of concern and stress for parents. What often makes it worse is the child’s inability to clearly explain the symptoms that he or she is going through. Paediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with the health and medical care of infants and children.

The aim of paediatrics is to cure illness as well provide health services to prevent healthy children from contracting illnesses. Among the major roles of a paediatric doctor are the treatment to injuries and infections, diagnosing and treating genetic and congenital conditions, organ diseases and dysfunctions and cancers.

Paediatrics is a highly specialized form of medicine as the range of conditions to be treated is vast and children, because their bodies are still-developing and growing, require treatments and medications that are different from those which are suitable for adults. The paediatric department at NMC offers the best in diagnosis and treatments to enable rapid and complete recovery which helps children get over the trauma of sickness and also to bring comfort to parents who know that their children are receiving the highest standards of treatment.

The paediatric services available include:

  •   Consultation of various ailments
  •   Vaccination
  •   Fistulotomy
  •   Circumcision

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