Best Radiologist in Pondicherry

Radiology plays a pivotal role in the detection and diagnosis of illness. A radiologist is far more than a person who operates an X-Ray machine or other imaging equipment used to examine the internal organs of the body. He or she is a highly trained and qualified specialist who must be able to interpret the information provided by the X-ray and use this to either make a diagnosis of the problem or, alternatively, pass on the data to another specialist who will then make the diagnosis. Radiology is extremely technology-dependent with more advanced equipment and tools constantly being developed. At NMC’s radiology department the highly skilled and experienced radiologists are able to use the latest equipment to obtain the most accurate information on the patient’s medical problem which then results in a complete diagnosis. Once this is done, the treatment, which will be done in one of our specialized departments, can begin.

The services of NMC’s radiology department include:

1. Ultra sound

  •   General abdomen and Pelvis
  •   Pelvis & Transvaginal Study
  •   Kidney and Urinary Bladder
  •   Folicular study
  •   Pediatric abdomen and pelvis

2. Pregnancy

  •   Dating scan or early first trimester scan
  •   First trimester screening or Nuchal translucency scan
  •   Second trimester scan
  •   Anomaly Scan
  •   Third trimester scan
  •   Growth scan or fetal wellbeing scan
  •   Obstetrics doppler scan

3. Small parts

  •   Neck or Thyroid
  •   Breast axilla
  •   scrotum
  •   lump

4. Doppler

  •   Carotid and vertebral artery
  •   Renal artery
  •   Lower limb and upper limb (arterial and venous)

5. Procedures

  •   USG guided ascitic tapping
  •   USG guided Pleural tapping
  •   USG guided biopsy/FNAC
  •   USG guided liver abscess aspiration

6. Prenatal testing

  •   Down’s screening (First trimester screening)
  •   Quadruple screening test
  •   Triple screening test
  •   Pre-eclampsia detection
  •   Noninvasive prenatal testing

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