Health Risks While Returning to Work after the Lockdown

Oct 06, 2020

Health Risks While Returning to Work after the LockdownWith the COVID-19 lockdown being progressively eased, the number of people returning to work in the office, as opposed to working from home, are increasing. For many, the return to the formal office culture is exciting and a chance for professional interactions once again. For others, it can be a cause for worry and stress – the pandemic and the health risk it poses are far from over. In fact, India is now the second most affected country. Whether you are eager to get back to the office or nervous about the risk it entails, there are a few simple precautions you can take to stay as safe as possible while leaving the security of your home.

Commuting: If using public transport – trains, buses, taxis, autos, etc. – wear a mask and a face shield. Gloves are essential. If possible, use a digital wallet to make payments or buy tickets – this will eliminate the need to touch cash. If your office permits flexible working hours, schedule your timings in such a way that you’re commuting will be in non-peak hours.

Avoid Crowds: Avoiding crowds does not apply to social gatherings only. It means staying away from groups of people in the office hallways, cafeterias and other places too. Explain to co-workers that you are not being rude by staying away from them. Make them understand that you have to do this to keep not just your family safe but also those you work with. Meetings are an inescapable part of office life, so once again if social distancing norms are not being followed, explain to everyone that it is in everyone’s best interests to keep a safe distance from each other. The same applies to wearing masks in the office.

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Do Not Let up on Hygiene: While at home, you would have gotten into a routine of maintaining hygiene by washing hands regularly along with other such practices. You must maintain even higher standards in the office. Wash your hands as soon as you arrive and make it a point to use a hand sanitizer regularly. Keep a bottle of sanitizer on your desk.

Have a Protection Kit: Carry a small pouch with all that you need to stay safe while traveling or in the office. This should include hand sanitizer, extra face masks, gloves, tissue paper, soap and other things that you think will help you keep COVID-19 and other illnesses at bay.

Regular Check-Ups: Before you start going to the office, get a medical check-up done. This will help in diagnosing any unknown medical issues you may have and will help detect any disease that might be in the early stage. Knowing this will enable the doctors at the hospital to give you the treatment you need to be safe when going to work. Ask the doctors about a future check-up schedule for you and your family so that while you are all resuming normal life, your health stays protected. The best way to get the right type of check-up is to go to a hospital that offers a range of health check-up packages so that you can be sure of getting the right one for yourself and your loved ones.

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