Healthy Habits That Can Help Deal with Lung Cancer

Aug 31, 2021

Healthy Habits That Can Help Deal with Lung Cancer

A diagnosis of lung cancer is terrifying. But with new treatments and therapies available, it does not mean that a patient's life is over. The fact that the disease has been diagnosed is a step in the right direction because it means that treatment can begin without delay. The doctor will advise on treatment options and how to deal with their side effects. While following medical advice is of paramount importance, there are some actions that patients can take on their own to add value to their lives while they are forced to live with the disease. Whether it is during treatment, before surgery or after it, there are healthy habits and practices that will help you deal with the condition.


When the lungs are affected by the disease, breathing becomes difficult. Stress and anxiety caused by the diagnosis make it worse. When feeling breathless, take long slow breaths. Focus your mind on something positive and as the tension fades, so too will the breathlessness.


A diagnosis of lung cancer does not mean that life comes to a standstill. Remaining active, without over-stressing the body, will help deal with the side effects of the treatment and will also help with recovery from surgery. Continue with your normal activities as far as possible, but do things slowly and stop and rest whenever your feel tired. When in doubt, ask your doctor.

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There is no such thing as a special lung cancer diet. There are no miracle foods that will help cure the disease. A common-sense approach to your diet is the best thing. If you need to lose or gain weight, ask your doctor for advice on how to do it. Keep track of what you eat and note those foods that make you feel worse – the ones that result in constipation, diarrhea, sores, coughing fits, etc. - and stay away from them.

Emotional Support

Even though lung cancer is no longer the death sentence it was in the past, it remains a deadly disease. A diagnosis of cancer can cause serious depression along with major physical side effects. Giving in to this is giving in to the disease. Do not shut out others. Your friends and family are there to support you; talking to them and depending on them will give you the emotional stability and strength you will need to accept your condition, to deal with it and to move on to the next phase of your life. If needed, do not hesitate to go in for professional counseling.

When a person has lung cancer, maintaining a positive outlook is not easy. It is not just a matter of accepting the disease, but also of fighting it to achieve the best possible quality of life both for the patient and their loved ones. With proper dietary and exercise habits, the cloud of cancer does not have to bring total darkness into a person’s life. A patient in South India who was diagnosed with lung cancer some time ago says that the treatment and advice he received from the best oncologists in Pondicherry gave him the strength to live a positive and active life.

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