Do Not Ignore Other Health Issues Because Of COVID-19

Nov 13, 2020

Do Not Ignore Other Health Issues Because Of COVID-19The COVID-19 pandemic is a health crisis that no one should ignore. However, its existence does not mean that other medical conditions have disappeared. The focus on COVID-19 has made people overlook/ignore other disorders and even if the symptoms are noticed, the fear of coronavirus infection keeps patients away from the OPDs and emergency departments in hospitals. When people do come for treatment, it is often when the pain, discomfort or other symptoms have reached unbearable levels. By then, the condition may have progressed and a relatively simple course of treatment becomes a serious and major procedure. A person with diabetes who has not gone for a routine check-up may develop diabetic ketoacidosis. A person with hypertension ignoring his health could have a stroke. A pregnant woman missing her pre-natal check-ups may develop complications that affect her and the foetus.

Wellness Should Not Be Taken for Granted

The need for overall health care and monitoring remains as important as it was before COVID-19.

  • Do not ignore any sudden changes in your health. Everyone has “off days” when they do not feel their best. But if these off days reach a state wherein normal activities are affected or if their frequency increases, the condition must not be ignored and medical attention should be sought.
  • Any sudden pain or any increase in arthritic or rheumatic discomfort needs to be investigated. It could be a minor matter that can be resolved with medication, but if left untreated, even minor matters can grow into serious conditions that will require the use of major and extensive treatment protocols.
  • People who have been advised surgery to treat medical problems may feel that this is not the right time to get admitted into a hospital. They are under the impression that the risk of coronavirus infection will greatly increase during the procedure. This is incorrect. The risks of avoiding time-bound surgery may be far greater than any risk COVID-19 poses. If surgery is required, a reputed hospital, with the highest professional and medical standards, will ensure that patient safety is not compromised by the procedure or during recovery.  
  • Many medical conditions may not require hospitalization but may still need regular medical attention. Not visiting the OPD or not adhering to check-up schedules can result in health deteriorating and health issues becoming worse, often without the patient realizing how bad it has become until the seriousness of the condition has increased drastically. As a result, what could have been treated without hospital admission may now require an extended hospital stay.
  • Never ignore any changes in your health because of the fear of visiting a reputed hospital.

The best way to look after your health and that of your loved ones is to get checked and treated at a hospital that maintains the highest standards of COVID-19 control and prevention and which is also known for its outstanding levels of medical service, care and treatment. This will provide you with the protection you need as well as the treatment for other health concerns.

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