How To Find The Best Gynecologist

Dec 02, 2020

How To Find The Best GynecologistFor a woman, finding the best gynecologist in Pondicherry or any other city she may reside in is not only a matter of protecting her health. She should also be able to discuss her gynecological problems in comfort and security. This is why finding the right gynecologist is so important. Here are the steps you should follow to find a doctor whom you can not only trust to provide you with the best healthcare but who will also make you feel comfortable.


Recommendations from other patients is one of the most reliable ways of finding a gynecologist who is right for you. Ask the family doctor to recommend someone and also ask female friends, relatives and co-workers about the doctors they consult and what the experience was like. Ask specifically about the doctor’s availability when there is an urgent need for consultation or treatment.


Although the information on medical matters obtained from the internet can be misleading, reviews of gynecologists that you find online can help confirm information already obtained. Use the internet to search for reviews and testimonials about the doctors whom you are considering for consultation.

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  • Your online search should also give you details of the doctors’ qualifications. Among the things to check are:
  • The university where the doctor received his/her medical education.
  • The years of experience he/she has.
  • Check for specializations within the field of gynecology.
  • Check for additional qualifications/certifications and if he/she is affiliated to a reputed medical association.


Some gynecologists may focus more on obstetrics and others on gynecology. If you are searching for a doctor to evaluate, diagnose or treat a specific condition, choose a gynecologist whose specialization is in line with your medical needs.


Your gynecologist will play a critical role in helping you find the right birth control method; he/she will also guide you through pregnancy and other very intimate and personal issues. Your doctor must understand your personal beliefs on these matters so that you are comfortable discussing these issues with him/her.

Bedside Manner

A gynecologist will perform various physical examinations and ask you personal questions about your reproductive health. You need to be open and honest to provide the information needed for your healthcare. Such discussions are always more comfortable and productive when the doctor’s bedside manner puts you at ease.

Hospital Affiliation

A key factor in finding the best gynecologist is the hospital he/she is affiliated to. Even the best doctor may be limited by mediocre medical infrastructure and support staff. Make it a point to ensure that the gynecologist you choose is affiliated with the best hospital in your city so that you can be sure of receiving the best possible care and treatment.

Focus on these issues to find a gynecologist who is right for you. If you live in South India, there are many good hospitals with excellent OB/GYN departments. Find the best gynecologist in the best hospital and you can relax knowing that your health is in safe and caring hands.

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