The Importance Of Limiting Time On Tech Devices For Children

Aug 08, 2018

Why is it important to limit screen time for children?These days, children using electronic devices seem to be the norm rather than the exception. Even toddlers are given phones or tablets to keep them occupied. When families get together socially, instead of playing with each other, children are given a variety of tech device options to keep them busy.

There are a few advantages to children learning to use electronics at a young age provided it is used judicially and to improve learning or gain knowledge in some way. But, most often, it is used solely for entertainment.

Adverse effects of children’s addiction to tech devices

Affects vision

Kids are prone to eye problems because they look at small screens too close and for long periods of time. This takes a toll on the eyes. Even the light from these devices is harmful to eyesight.

Limits sleep time

Children who are addicted to electronic devices find it hard to switch them off and go to bed. This disruption of normal sleep time leads to health issues and interferes with their education.

Affects social interaction

At social events, children are glued to their tech devices and hardly take part in the conversation. Even at home, the conversation between family members has reduced due to this addiction. This causes children to become withdrawn and reclusive.

Leads to obesity

Being inactive for long periods, while either watching television or on other electronic devices leads to less physical activity and causes obesity in children.

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Tips to reduce tech addiction in children

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children have limited access to tech devices. Here are some tips:-

  • Do not put a TV in your child’s room
  • Set a schedule for access to electronic devices and stick to it
  • Offer other options to pass time, like books or games
  • Plan play dates
  • Create non tech centered activities with your kid.

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