What causes excessive burping?

Jan 16, 2020

Treatment for excessive burping in PondicherryWe are constantly swallowing air when we eat or drink something. This causes the stomach to get distended or expands it. The release of the swallowed air up the esophagus and out the mouth causes burping. Apart from that, we also burp as an aid to relieve the stomach after food intake. This is because people are used to the habit of burping if they have abdominal discomfort, and may burp to expel abdominal gas formed during digestion.

Burping triggers

Sometimes, certain factors can cause excessive and constant burping. These include:-

  • Bad diet
    Eating the wrong kinds of food can cause stomach indigestion, making stomach acids work extra hard to process the food. More gases are produced, increasing the amount of gas expelled as burps.

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  • Eating or drinking too quickly
    When you swallow food or liquid too fast, you swallow air with it. This can cause excessive burping.
  • Peptic ulcers and Gastritis
    Stomach problems in general can lead to gas formation and increased burping.
  • Smoking
    Smokers tend to swallow air when inhaling and smokers generally suffer from excess burping.
  • Anxiety
    Studies have determined that stress causes excessive burping.
  • Talking while eating
    If you’re talking while you are chewing, you are probably swallowing air when you swallow your food.
  • Bad dental work
    People who have dentures or other dental aids may need to see their dentist if they experience excessive burping as that could be the cause of excess swallowed air.
  • Medication
    Some drugs can affect the stomach and excessive burping can be a side effect.

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Tips to avoid excessive burping

  • Eating the right kinds of foods
  • Eating in a timely faction
  • Chewing your food and eating slowly
  • Avoiding smoking and drinking
  • Keeping a diary (to keep an eye on what triggers the burping)

Consult a doctor if burping is becoming a physical, mental or social problem and get medical help because the burping can be the underlying symptom of a much more serious issue.

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