List of Common Urogynaecology Surgical Procedures

Feb 10, 2022

Common Urogynaecology Surgical ProceduresUrology and gynecology are two distinct fields of medical specialization. However, there are many instances where the two areas intersect and specialized treatment, including surgery, is required. While many hospitals have both urology and gynecology departments, not all offer highly specialized urogynecologic surgery and procedures. Urogynecology, also known as female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, is a subspecialty of gynecology and urology with a focus on taking care of the pelvic floor problems that many women face.

A urogynecologist undergoes extensive specialized training in order to effectively diagnose and manage female pelvic disorders and ailments. The most common of these problems are:

  • Incontinence
  • Prolapse
  • An overactive bladder
  • Fibroid
  • Endometriosis

The Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is made up of ligaments, muscles and supportive connective tissue. This forms the framework that supports the internal organs such as the bladder, bowel, uterus, rectum and vagina. Women often suffer from pelvic floor damage due to the strain caused by pregnancy, childbirth, very strenuous physical activity, pelvic surgery and the natural effects of aging such as menopause, the need for a hysterectomy and damage to connective tissues. Although disorders of the pelvic floor are normally not life-threatening, they are not to be taken lightly. The pain, discomfort and embarrassment that results from pelvic ailments can affect the quality of a woman’s life, especially her professional activities, social life and personal relationships.

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Urinary incontinence is said to be present when physical activity results in the leakage of urine. The first stage of treating incontinence is with medication and lifestyle changes. If these are not effective in curing or at least alleviating the condition, then surgery to repair or increase support for the pelvic floor is the only alternative. The two most common urogynecologic surgery procedures are laparoscopic and transvaginal surgery. These procedures have the benefits of causing less pain and discomfort during the recovery period, a shorter recovery period and less scarring as compared to traditional surgery. After the patient has been examined, the surgeon will brief the patient on the details of the condition and decide on which surgical procedure will be best for the patient.


When the muscles that hold the internal organs in position become weak and allow the organs to slip out of place, the condition is known as prolapse. The most common types of prolapse are uterine and vaginal. The causes of prolapse are many and the symptoms may also vary greatly depending on the type of prolapse and the extent of the problem. Prolapse can cause extreme pain because it affects the functioning of critical organs like the uterus and vagina. Because of the wide range of possible causes and the variety of symptoms that a patient may display, accurate diagnosis requires highly specialized training and skills. Once the diagnosis is done, treatment is typically done by way of a urogynecological surgery. A vaginal approach is the most common choice, but the surgeon will make a decision on this after evaluating the patient. Early diagnosis of the condition can quicken recovery.

Having access to the highly specialized medical care and treatment, including surgery, that urogynecological conditions demand, is essential for a woman to continue to live a happy, healthy and productive life, irrespective of her age. That is why it is so very important for her to be able to go to a hospital that offers specialized urogynecological surgery. When searching for a hospital that offers this specialized diagnostic and treatment service, it is important to evaluate the hospital itself. It must be one with an established reputation, an impeccable track record, highly skilled and specialized medical staff, the best medical and diagnostic equipment and services, post-surgery care and treatment, and the kind of patient care that makes people comfortable and secure in the knowledge that they are being treated by experts. Women are often reluctant to discuss their gynecology problems and a hospital that understands the health issues that women face will go out of its way to put patients at ease and ensure their comfort and peace of mind. NMC Pondicherry is one specialty hospital that meets all these criteria with both the best doctors for urogynecology in Pondicherry and the best surgical equipment and services.

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